Monday, December 9, 2013

Blue Lines by Toni Aleo

All right a few days ago I finished Blue Lines by Toni Aleo. First off, let me just state that Erik Titov is a hard guy to love, seriously. I'm a very forgiving person when it comes to rotten heroes that need a swift kick in the butt, but he makes it so hard. I have read some heroes that were true bastards, but Erik pretty much takes the cake. Honestly, I couldn't believe that Piper Allen never took his hockey stick to his head. I would have, and I would have blame it on my pregnancy hormones.

Anyway. If you have read any of the previous Assassin books you would remember Piper has had a crush on Erik Titov forever. She finally gets her shot with Erik. However, Erik freaks out, because Piper is a forever kind of gal and basically abandons her after there one night. Which is a complication in itself. Let's be honest you don't sleep with your brother's sister-in-law, it makes family get togethers a bit awkward. I never said he was the brightest bulb in the bunch.

We jump six months later when Piper drops the pregnancy bomb on him. Of course he took it quite well, if you consider he dropped a line like:

"You've been to the doctor? It's a baby, right? Not like cancer?"
Yep, a real winner there. Plus, it's not like he's Mr. Sensitive. He's blunt, rude, and a bastard when it comes to Piper. However, he does have his moments where he's a decent guy, but then he remembers his up bringing and gets scared and becomes the rude obnoxious Erik.  Those are moments I would love to take his stick shove it up his butt.

Then you have Piper. It's not she doesn't have faults, because everyone does. However, she was willing to stick her heart on the line for Erik and hope he comes around to wanting a family. First off, pregnancy does crazy things to your mind and she did hope that Erik would change for the better. Erik was reluctant to change, because he believe he would be like his biological father. I think sometimes you need to be willing to change to see the difference.

Overall, a pretty decent read. I still have trouble with Erik, but Toni was able to redeem him a little. However, I did like how Piper was willing to stick it out with Erik. She did see that he was a good person, but was too afraid to try at times. I have to give props to Piper for not killing Erik for all the crap he put her through, because I would probably took him down. So, if you have enjoyed the previous Assassin books, you probably will enjoy Blue Lines too.

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