Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Night with the Laird by Nicola Cornick

Yes, I spent most of the day reading One Night with the Laird by Nicola Cornick. Trust me I wasn't going anywhere today partly, because I was kind of sick. That's beside the point, the point is I finished the books I started yesterday. Trust me when I say that this story was a turn page that I couldn't put down.

So, we have our hero Jack Rutherford. Jack isn't know for his good qualities. Actually he's a scoundrel of the worst kind, you know the kind that make ladies swoon if he gives them a passing glance. Heaven forbid you manage to snag him in your bed, but be prepare for him to be gone before you wake. Yep, that kind. However, he has been trying to chase our heroine Lady Mairi MacLeod. A widow with high standards and refuses to let Jack into her bed. Of course Jack sees this a challenge that he doesn't mind.

You wonder how this story could get better. Let just say a certain lady decided to let down her hair and she accidentally lets a certain scoundrel into her bed and unintentionally sleeps with him. Rule number one don't go to a masquerade, we all know bad things happen. I find this hilarious that the one guy Mairi lets into her bed happens to be the guy she doesn't want anything to do with. Can we say "IRONY"? So, Mairi tries to forget the incident after all it's not like he knows who she is.

That's just the beginning and it just get progressively better with each turn of the page. Seriously, I couldn't put the story down. I mean you have someone trying to harm Mairi and she needs help. Jack offers her help, but basically blackmails her to into his bed. However, these to characters sizzle when they are together. To think, they started out hating each other. I guess two things kind either happen when you hate someone so much you: 1) you kill each other or 2) you tear up the sheets together.

Overall, fantastic read. I did enjoyed the first book, but One Night with the Laird was way better than the first. I mean you have passionate love scenes, blackmail, and a threat which boils down to a page turning good read. So, you are looking for something might knock your socks off, you might try One Night with the Laird.

Copy provided by Harlequin via NetGalley


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