Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top Picks of 2013

As we draw to a close to 2013. I have decided to pick my top reads of the year. Not all my picks were published in 2013, some are a couple years old. However, they were able to make the list. I couldn't put them in any type of order, because it's just isn't going to happen. So, let me share my picks:

1. Let just say that I love Robyn Neeley's books. She has two out and both are Destination Wedding was so much fun and really worth checking out. Her second novel Christmas Dinner was just as much fun that puts you in the holiday spirit.

2. Next pick would be Marina Adair's Autumn in the Vineyard. This story has two people that can't stand each other and let's not forget the Alpaca name Mittens.

3. The Best Man's Baby by Victoria James had one of the best scenes in the year. I mean who wouldn't want to read about the heroine sticking a positive pregnancy test into the hero's
hamburger and uttering the words, "Welcome home daddy". Seriously, that was genius.

4. I can't just pick one of Toni Aleo's Assassins Series, because I actually loved them all in a different. They are definitely worth a look at for the hockey fan or non. However, Trying to Score was my all time favorite, but I might have tiny crush on Lucas Brooks.

5. Targeted by Katie Reus had one yummy hero. I mean when you have a hero compare to a chocolate dessert he deserves some attention. Plus, the
cover is delicious.

6. Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson had a hot naughty football player. Plus, who can say no to a to a panty melting football player.

7. Secrets of a Runaway Bride by Valerie Bowman was a delightful read. Who doesn't love a hoyden heroine with a pet fox. You got to love the hero, because the world is plotting against him.

8. Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros. Who doesn't love an online love affair that consist of 140 characters or less and pop culture. Those with a Twitter or pop culture addiction will enjoy this story.

9. Who doesn't love a good love/hate relationship centered around misunderstanding. This is why I'm including Tempted by Trouble by Michelle Smart.

10. My last pick is never judge a book by it's cover and title, because you never know what you will find inside. So, I leave you with Sexist Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks. Seriously, I had overlook this book when it first came out, but when I won a copy I said what the hell.

All right, this is the list of the year. Trust me this wasn't even an easy choice. I might have to start doing separate list for particular genres next year. Overall, I have enjoyed majority of the stories I have read and I can't wait to dive into what I might find in the coming year. So, here's the end of 2013 and may you all have a Happy New Year.

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