Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Dinner by Robyn Neeley

Have you ever read a holiday book that made you laugh, cry and just felt like the perfect holiday read. Well, Robyn Neeley brings that with her latest release Christmas Dinner. In this book you will find elements that make a fun romantic comedy with moments that remind you that the magic of Christmas is still there.

Christmas Dinner is one of those stories I loved so much, that I would love to tell you everything that happens in the book. It's that amazing, but I'll focus on the things that made the story for me.

There are a few characters that you first need to know:

Amanda Turner: She hasn't been home for a couple of years. She wasn't planning to come home until she found that her ex was living with her parents with his fiancé. So, she decides to take her co-anchor home for the holidays.
Tate Ryan: The co-anchor. Plus, has a crush on Amanda from years ago. He figures that this would be a good weekend to help her see that he's more than a jerk and that he really loves her.
Brad: He's not really important, but he's the ex that dumped her on Christmas Eve two years. By the way who does that, seriously.
Then you have the rest of her family, which they are a hoot.

As I said in Amanda's description she wanted to come home to prove that she's moved on from Brad and she required the help of Tate. Tate is a willing participant, because of what happen in the past. Yet, some of Amanda's family put Tate through the ringer (which would be an overprotective brother).

Anyway, Christmas Dinner is a light fun read that will put you in the holiday spirit. Yes, some of the story will remind you of a "twisted version of a Christmas Carol". At the same time, how can you resist a story where you drag a guy to meet the family, and you can barely tolerate him? I mean that is a making for a disaster, and to top it all off you have the ex-boyfriend with his fiancé living with your family. That could be a bit awkward.

I absolutely love Christmas Dinner for it's light fun that will having you bust a gut. Then you have moments that will have you shedding a few tears. So, if you are looking for a sappy read that will have you all over with your emotions, you might want to give Christmas Dinner to give you that holiday spirit.

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