Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Heartless Design by Elizabeth Cole

Yesterday I started A Heartless Design by Elizabeth Cole and was able to finished early this morning. Let's just dive into my thoughts.

Basically the story is about eccentric young lady by the name of Cordelia Bering. Cordelia isn't your typical young lady. Oh no, she actually likes to design ships like her father did. That's not the only thing that makes her eccentric, but the fact she employes former criminals in her home and help them to better themselves. Then you have Sebastian Thorne who is still a spy even though he just inherited the titled of earl. However, old habits are hard to break, especially when you are still under assignment. Now Sebastian is in charge of finding out what secrets Cordelia is keeping and to see if it's for nefarious plot.

All right, A Heartless Design wasn't bad. It just started out a bit slow for my taste. It's so hard when it comes to suspense stories, because you want to build the story and captivate the audience. Yet, sometimes that can get muddle in all things. I think I would have liked to feel that there was more urgency and danger. However, you I didn't really felt like that happen until we got closer to the end. Another thing I had issues with was the hero and heroine. I just didn't feel like there was any sexual tension that would pull them together. So, when they finally got together and had sex it lacked finesse. I just felt that she did it to get it out of her system, kind of like making a check mark in a box. Those were the things that I had issue with.

The things I did like:

I liked that it was about spies in during the time when England was at war with France. I think that kind of set the story apart. I liked Cordelia and how she didn't follow societies standards. She was willing to be herself in a mans world. I also like Sebastian and I liked that he was a spy and a Lord. I thought they did work well together.

Overall, it was so-so story. It wasn't really bad, but it wasn't really great. It just kind of stuck in the middle. I believe the series does have potential to be a great read, because you have the war going on and everyone is trying to win the battle. Will I continue the series, I'm not sure.

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