Monday, December 30, 2013

Not Over You by Marquita Valentine

So, this weekend I read Not Over You by Marquita Valentine. For those who don't know, I LOVE Marquita's writing. It all started with Twice Tempted and I just fell in love with Holland Springs. In Twice Tempted we actually meet Gabriel Edwards, because he was dating Zoe Ambrose at the time. Since then they have broke up. Of course if you have been keeping up with the series you would know that she has married Christian Romanov. Anyway, Gabriel is finally getting his chance at love.

So, Gabriel has decided to move on from his first love of Summer Holland and take a chance with Elise Dumas. However, when he believes he's able to move on Summer waltz back into town and throwing his life into a tailspin. He makes a promise Elise to put her first. Yet, Elise isn't to confident in what Gabe says, because she goes to warn Summer away.
"He'd choose you over me, I know this. So, I'm asking you, woman to woman, to respect our relationship, and stay the hell away."
All right, but if have to warn an ex-whatever away from your man, I'm pretty sure the relationship is doom. That's just my humble opinion.  So, we that working against Summer and Gabriel's relationship already. Fortunately, Summer is able to find a good friend in Jemma Leigh. Everyone needs a good friend, especially when you live in a town believing you are the town's harlot.

Like most of Marquita's other books it does have a strong emotional element. Especially, with Summer feeling like the town's outcast. So, you feels Summer's pain and she tends to be mean and horrible as a way to guard herself from others. This is why Jemma Leigh is important to the story, because she's Summer's personal cheerleader when no one seems to want to the job. It even takes Gabriel awhile before he realize he's to help her when she's pushing others away. I think Jemma Leigh put it best when she describes Summer:
"Sometimes, when you've been battling for so long, it's hard to know when to lay your weapons down and surrender to love."
 I really enjoyed Not Over You, because you have two opposites that are strongly attracted to one another. At the same time, one has let the other down, which forces the other to put up walls around their heart. Plus, it takes a lot of patience and strength for Gabriel to breakdown Summer's wall. Not only that, he's going to try to change a town perception of Summer. I personally love all the Holland Spring books, and Not Over You is just as great as the others. I love do Gabriel and Summer's battle of wits. I love that how story centers around that somethings are just worth fighting for.

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  1. Ah! I'm glad you loved Gabriel's story. I really must start Not Over You soon; I've been trying to prepare myself, as I hear it's a bit of a heart-breaker!


    1. TBQ it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was a bit hard, but not the gut-wrenching I was expecting.