Monday, December 30, 2013

Kiss Me At Midnight by Diane Alberts

I love reading a story that centers around New Year's Eve as we approach that date. I think it makes it fun to read. So, if you have been looking for that New Year's Eve read before the year, Diane Albert happens to bring such a story in Kiss Me At Midnight.

This story centers around two former friends, Ashley Hanes and Ethan Pierce. Back in high school they were best friends, and on New Year's Eve Ethan wanted to become more than friends. However, his dream was crush by a misunderstanding and he decided not to find out what really happen. In the long run cost him his friendship with Ashley.

Now Ethan is back in his hometown for the holiday's and basically looking for an easy lay and he happens to stumble upon Ashley. They have instant chemistry, but Ethan is too fearful to let something actually grow due to his rotten high school experience.

My personal opinion is no one really escapes from high school unscathed. If you are one of the lucky ones that is great. Anyway, Ethan wasn't so lucky, and he actually carries those scars to remind him that it's just safer to keep people at a distance. However, that's an awfully lonely life and he was willing to continue live it up until he started breaking his rules with Ashley.

I liked Kiss Me At Midnight, because you have two friends reunite over some years. Both are a little older and wiser, but that can be questionable. However, they need to move on from the past in order to have a future. I must say that this a is a yummy story with some steam between Ethan and Ashley. So, if you are looking for that one last quick read before the end of the year, you might consider Kiss Me At Midnight.

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