Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Dangerous Invitation by Erica Monroe

So, I just finished A Dangerous Invitation which is Erica Monroe's debut book. This isn't your typical historical romance novel where you have the upper crust of the ton with all those Lords and Ladies with your occasional Mister and Miss. Oh no, we go into the depths of rookery where the lower class lives. You won't a proper Lord or Lady hanging around there.

Anyway, the story is basically about (modern term) a recovering alcoholic, Daniel O'Reilly, who was accused of murder a few years back. However, he was able to make his escape before he was thrown into Newgate. Since he has cleaned up his act he wants to find the real murder and get his girl back. Kate Morgan, the girl Daniel left behind had to leave her naïve world behind and learn how to live without means. Now Daniel needs Kate's help, but she's a bit leery to help him. After all he left her to fend for herself all those years ago.

I have to say that I enjoyed A Dangerous Invitation. Normally I love stories with all those Lords and Ladies and their fancy balls, but it's ok to leave those behind and go to the darker part of town. Yes, it's a bit gritty, but what do you expect it's the rookeries. I really did like Daniel, because he pretty much cleaned up his act and tried to right a wrong that happen. He couldn't really do that while he was off the wagon. Now Kate kind of got on my nerves. I completely understand her feelings about Daniel and not fully trusting him. Yet, there comes a time where you need to leave past action in the past and not bring them up.

Anyway, you have Daniel and Kate working together to find the truth, Kate fighting feelings for Daniel, and Daniel trying to win Kate back. To top it all off, you have people in Kate's life that aren't on the up and up. However, that shouldn't be a surprise, but there are some things in the story I was surprise to learn. So, a couple twist and turns. So, if you are looking for more a gritty, darker story, you might want to give A Dangerous Invitation a try.

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