Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday for Two by Maggie Robinson and Elyssa Patrick

I was excited to read Holiday for Two by Maggie Robison and Elyssa Patrick. I must say that I have enjoyed both of their works. Thou Maggie Robison normally writes more historical romance, it was nice to get a chance to read something a little different. So, let's dive into my thoughts on these two stories.

All Through the Night
Maggie Robison

In this story we meet Carrie Moore who misses the last ferry to get to the island where her boss is at. Not only that she has to spend the night with her boss's nephew Lord Griffin Archer. Nothing like be stranded in a storm and with someone who rather be anywhere else.

All right, this story was a cute read with some heat between these two characters. However, Griffin isn't sure what to think about Carrie, but he feels this attraction to her. Yet, he doesn't want to take a chance. Eventually, he starts to warm to Carrie and possibly sees a future with her.

Honestly, I think I would like to see this story to go a little deeper. However, it's a novella and it has a great start if Maggie would like to make a full novel for Carrie and Griffin love story. Overall, a cute holiday get together between these two characters. Maybe I can hope to see more of story for them.

While It Was Snowing
Elyssa Patrick

I really liked this story. You have Felicity and Harry who have been friends forever, and they both have feelings for one another. However, they have keep that to themselves. Yet, Felicity wants to change the situation and become more than friends. So, she came up with the idea with a weekend getaway at the cabin. Nothing ever goes according to plan and becomes a big huge mess that might ruin the friendship.

I loved this story, because the awkwardness made this story funny. Trust me there was an awkward situation. I love how Felicity was willing to put everything on the line to be with Harry on a more intimate level. Now Harry isn't your typical hero. No; he's a dork, but a lovable one. Come on it takes a special kind of gal to love a guy who wears bow ties. However, he was afraid that she would reject him, because he didn't see himself good enough for her. Overall, the story had me laughing and tearing up.

Now my overall thoughts on these Christmas novellas. They are short, sweet, and get you in the holiday mood. So, if you are looking for a quick Christmas read, you might want to checkout Holiday for Two.

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