Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jingle My Way by Tetonia Blossom

As y'all know I have been running a bit behind on my reads. I'm going to blame the two weeks I was knocked out. Anyway, I finally got a chance to read Jingle My Way by Tetonia Blossom. First off, this is her debut novel and I must say that it's pretty amazing. So, what made this story pretty awesome:

So, we meet Nina Carter whose marriage is crumbling right before her eyes, but kind of afraid to make the move to leave her jerk of a husband. Seriously, he's pretty crappy, but I don't think he really sees it. Anyway, she decides to get away and visit her sister in Colorado. While she's there she meets her sister's brother-in-law, Jack Spears. She feels this connection that she never really felt for her husband. Yes, things are about to get a bit complicated.

So, Nina has a lot on her plate with her marriage falling apart, but not only that she also has a heart condition. which causes her to have the fear of death hanging over her head. She's really taken back by how nice Jack treats her and she's not use to it.

First things first, I LOVE Jack. Oh my gosh he's like the dream guy for every girl. Yes, he does give off a bit a player vibe at first and he tends to stick his foot in his mouth often, but when it boils down he tries to do what is best. Jack will melt anyone's heart. Nina is really sweet and kind will put others first before herself. However, she starts to realize she needs to take care of herself and let loose some of her baggage.

I loved Jingle My Way. *Possible Spoiler* I'm surprise that I could tolerate Nina and Jack's relationship, even though Nina's still technically married. Granted her marriage is shambles and not even holding on to a thread. I did like how everything worked out in the end and gave the happy ending. This is a fantastic holiday read. So, if are still in the mood for a feel good holiday read, you might want to checkout Jingle My Way.

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