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When Honey Got Married... Indulgence Anthology

Not many of you know, I love Louisiana. I actually think it's a fabulous place. When I started to read When Honey Got Married... I was excited that the story took place in Louisiana. Without further ado lets join the party.

No matter how much you plan, there is always something coming up during a wedding. The wedding of Honey Moreau and Brent Delacroix is no exception. However, it's the wedding of the century in Bellefeur, Louisiana. Let's see what disasters awaits:

Grace Felt the Heat
Kimberly Lang

Leaving Bellefleur as Grace Henson she never looked at her old life. Luck would have her coming back to her hometown to help the wedding of the century. All she needs to do is make sure the job gets down right and never come back again. Funny how fate will intervene with her plans, when she runs into an old crush, Beau Vaughn.

High school scars can take a long time to heal. I know, I completely understand where Grace is coming from. Yet, I did like this really quick story. I can honestly say, I would love to see what happens with Beau and Grace after the wedding. Maybe one day, probably not. However, I did love this quick story. Just made ya itch for more.

Eve Met Her Match
Anna Cleary

It wouldn't be a wedding if there wasn't someone trying to steal the groom from the bride. That's what Eve Fortescue set out to do. She truly believed she loved Brent. However, Rainer Delacroix something more. I'm not going to lie I was a little worry about her taking the groom. Yet, you can't deny there was a bit of chemistry between Rainer and Eve. I did really like this quick little story.

Nina Tempted the Lord
Kelly Hunter

I really thought this one was really cute. Nina Moreau has been estranged from her family for sometime. You know being a night circus performer isn't really a respectable profession her father's book. However, she's will to make nice with the family to support Honey. Well, she can't go alone, so she drags her friend Alexander Carradice. Really cute story and how it all played out. I'm not going to lie, I would love see what craziness happened to Nina and Alex other than them hooking up.

Pippa Bared All
Ally Blake

You trouble is brewing when an old flame waltzes back into town. Especially, when this old flame turned down a marriage proposal ten years ago. EEK, TROUBLE! Anyways, Pippa Montgomery wasn't really there to stir up trouble, she just wanted to see her two friends get married. Fortunately, she found someone to latch on to while at the wedding. Unfortunately, it happens to be the grooms brother, Griffin Delacroix. You know what I adore this story. I do enjoy a story where you have to people that are perfect for each, but somehow the opportunity doesn't present itself till later in life. Good thing Pippa & Griffin get this opportunity.

Honey Lived Happily Ever After
Ally Blake

The last story and the anthology wouldn't be complete without Honey's thoughts. I really liked this closing. I think it's the perfect story to end with. Plus, you get to see how much Honey and Brent love each other. Really sweet and funny.

You know what this anthology is amazing. Seriously. Here's why these author were able to pull off the wedding of the century without to many problems. Not all that the stories worked really well and flow magnificently. You can really tell that they truly worked together to get this wedding off the ground. I love the natural flow of events too. We started with the night before the rehearsal, moved on to the rehearsal dinner, after the rehearsal and the wedding. Very smooth transitions in the story.

So, here is the bottom line: Fantastic read. Loved When Honey Got Married...! If you are looking for anthology collection that tie together well I wouldn't to further. Plus, if you are aching for a wedding to go to, but no ones getting hitch anytime soon, I would suggest take a trip to Bellefleur, Louisiana for the wedding of the century. I'm serious, you don't want to miss When Honey Got Married....

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