Monday, May 6, 2013

Texas Hold 'Em by Kay David

Battling a cold reading do not go hand and hand, you would think. After all, what else am I going to do other lie in bed. However, it didn't work according to plan. Yet, I manage to finished reading Texas Hold 'Em by Kay David.

Where we have an elite squad of rangers masquerading as a biker gang known as the Smokin' Aces. Who doesn't like elite squads? Anyways, Timothy Santos is in search of an evil drug cartel leader.  Which leads him to his former lover, Rose Renwick.

All right, that is the most simple form of a sum up. Ok, I like the story. It was pretty good, and I must say the stories danger did build as I continue reading. Which is important since, it's suppose to be suspenseful.

I did like the idea of the elite group of rangers trying to take down an evil drug cartel. I did like how the author was able to use the drug cartel situation get to former lovers back together. Granted they weren't able to catch the leader yet, which gives readers to look forward to next book.

So, here is the bottom line: Overall, a decent read. Yes, once you start reading you will want to know what will happen next, and yes you will have to wait. You do get lovers reunited, who were meant to be. So, you love suspenseful books with biker dudes, you might want to checkout Texas Hold 'Em.

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