Thursday, May 9, 2013

Empty Net by Toni Aleo

All right, I was planning to read Empty Net a little later in the month, but I was such a hockey book high from Trying to Score I had to read the next book. So, I busted open this book and wanted to see what happen Audrey.

Last time we saw Audrey she was dating Lucas' best friend Levi Moss. However, the relationship wasn't a good fit for her. Come on Levi was a skeeze. However, Audrey was in a bad place and ended up in bed with Tate Odder the goalie. Now she's trying to forget Levi and keep Tate in the "friend zone." Well, Tate plans to move past the friend zone with Audrey, because he really sees something in her.

Goodness, I really like this book and a lot has to do with Tate. Not only is he a good looking goalie with an accent, but he has a really sweet heart. Here is a sample of his sweetness:

It's pretty simple, Audrey. I'm here, and I hope that one day you'll look me in the eyes and decide that you are done with this charade of being friends and that I can be your man. I want you to see that I can be there to help with your dreams. That I'm not some punk kid out to get some from you. I'm decent guy, Audrey. If you would let me, I could be your guy.

Awww. If that doesn't make you sigh, I don't know what will. I mean words like that would make any girl melt. However, Audrey is a stubborn one. You learn why she doesn't want to pursue the relationship, but it makes you scratch your head and go what?!

I'm so glad she did come her senses in the book. In the story, you learn Levi is evil. Evil is being nice, I would say psycho. I never would have seen what he did coming. Seriously, he's a skeeze.

Overall, I really like this book. I think a lot has to do with Tate. Now I have to wait for the next book. Oh man. So, far I think The Assassin's Series is amazing. As I said before, if you love hockey, you want to checkout Empty Net. Hopefully, you won't find your net empty.

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