Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Those Nights in Montreal by Beverley Kendall

Early today I finished Those Nights in Montreal by Beverley Kendall. I probably could have finished the story yesterday, but that wasn't in the cards (funny how I need to sleep). Anyways, this a novella, but a little bit longer. Which I'm glad it was a little longer, because I don't believe it would have been as good if it was any shorter.

I mean there is a lot that goes on in the story. First off, Rebecca Winters can hold a grudge. Especially , against her father and her ex-boyfriend Scott Carver. Scott would love to get back with Rebecca, but he has his work cutout for him. The problem Scott has is he did something stupid when he was dating Rebecca. Granted it wasn't it a huge deal, but enough for to cause Rebecca to say "adios". A lot of this stems from Rebecca's "daddy issues," so this makes her believe that guys aren't trustworthy and will bail when the going gets tough.

I do like Rebecca, flaws and all. She's a bit stubborn, especially when it comes to Scott. Scott is such a patient guy, but he's about to give up on getting back together with Rebecca. I'm so glad Rebecca woke in time to give Scott a second chance. I enjoy how they were able to workout the problems. Yes, it's a quick read, but satisfying to read. It makes me anxious for the next installment of Language of Love. So, if you are looking for a pretty good New Adult read, I would suggest reading Those Nights in Montreal.

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  1. I'll have to add this one to my list--lately I've started getting into the NA genre. As if my TBR pile needs any more help, right? LOL. Great review!