Wednesday, May 8, 2013

His Grace graces us with his presence (Luke Forest from Lady Vivian Defies a Duke Interview + Giveaway)

I would like y’all to meet my book boyfriend Lucas Forest, Duke of Foxhaven. I scored a Duke for my current book boyfriend.

M: How are you Luke?
Luke: I’m well Lady Melody. And how are you?
M: I’m just fine. I’m so happy you are here today.

Would you care for a beverage? You should know that I don’t normally offer, which should make you special.
 Luke: It’s an honor just to be interviewed. That makes me feel special enough, but perhaps we could enjoy a glass of wine together? (the corners of his lips twitch into a grin) Unless you have trouble holding your spirits, too.
M: I can handle wine just fine. Whiskey is another story. However, I think I might just have some Vanilla Bourbon tea (my favorite).

Anyways, I hope you are not too upset with me for suggesting to Sam to give you a roast?
Luke: I managed to dissuade her. Did you know a roast is not a savory slab of meat? I thought she was inviting me to dinner! Well, we’ll have none of that. Duke’s do not air their dirty laundry in public.   
M: Oh, you know it would be fun. Oh, well. Isn’t the ton all about airing their dirty laundry?
Luke: Other people’s laundry, yes. Their own? Not a chance.
M: Technically, it wouldn’t be you doling out your dirty laundry, but Drew, Jake, and Daniel.
Luke: My, aren’t you a clever one? Remind me not to challenge you to a debate.
M: (Smiles innocently)

Can you let my readers know what kind of girl y’all are looking for?
Luke: To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a girl. Fortunately, my father knew me better than I knew myself. He chose the perfect lady for me. Vivian is full of life, very sweet, and she makes me laugh.
M: Thank goodness for your father.
Luke: Yes, he was a great man.

M: We know your first encounter of Lady Vivian was at the pond. I would like to know what you thought of her get up (or outfit) when you met her for dinner? Don’t be bashful and tell us what you really thought; especially, the wig.
Luke: When she first entered the dining room, I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. Vivian was correct in believing I thought she was a tad unhinged. She could barely hold her head up with that travesty of a wig. And all that fan fluttering? I’ve suggested she burn the wig, but she has a sentimental attachment to it. (blue eyes twinkling) She has named it Hyacinth. 
M: (Laughs)

What was the whole reason you wanted to call off the engagement?
Luke: There never was an engagement exactly. Without my consent and signature on the betrothal agreement, there was nothing legally binding me to Lady Vivian. When her brother threatened to challenge me to a duel if I didn’t honor my father’s word, I knew there was no graceful way out of the situation except perhaps to convince her to speak with her brother. I couldn’t disgrace my father, and I certainly wouldn’t blacken the lady’s name or leave her without a protector, which is what would have happened if I’d accepted her brother’s challenge and killed him.

It seemed unfair to drag Vivian into my troubles. After my accident… (shakes his head ruefully) Well, I thought my family would be better off with my brother in charge. I had plans for an expedition that would take me away for a long time, and if I didn’t survive, problem solved. If I had a wife, I couldn’t very well leave her without a guilty conscience, but I was afraid I couldn’t be a husband any woman deserved either. It’s rather complicated to explain.
M: I guess.
Luke: I know, Regency rules are strange for today’s readers. There is much more freedom now. Vivian would fit in perfectly with today’s modern woman.  
M: Luke, I thinks she would have been a hoot in the modern world.

So, when Vivian was avoiding you, what did you do to occupy your time?
Luke: I nearly drove myself mad watching for her. Every little flash from the corner of my eye made me turn, thinking she’d come downstairs at last. One can only ride one’s horse and go for walks so long before boredom sets in. I did review Captain Pendry’s supply list, but only in small bits at a time.
M: At least your time was somewhat productive.

What are your thoughts on Lana?
Luke: She’s a lovely lady and well suited for my brother. She’s also a busybody who doesn’t know when to mind her own business. (grins) But I can only thank her for intervening with Vivian. I might not have realized what I wanted without a nudge from my sister-in-law.
M: I love Lana, so I’m so glad she was able to help.

How is Vivian like your mother?
Luke: (groans) I should thrash my brother Drew for making that comparison. But it’s true Vivian and my mother share a few similarities. They are both strong-willed and not easily broken by hard times. Mother has done an excellent job in training Vivian to be a duchess.
M: We can’t have you thrash him. What would come to his beautiful face?
 Luke: (laughing) That sounds like something HE would say.
 M: Well, he does have a pretty face, but you are so much more handsome.
 Luke: (chuckles) Clever and she knows how to stroke a gentleman’s ego. 
M: I aim to please (winks).

Ok, here are some questionable questions:

When you were giving Lady Vivian an introduction on what to call your manhood, would you have considered using the word manroot?
Luke: Never! (laughs) Rather makes me sound like a tree, don’t you think?
M: (snorts) When you put it that way I guess you’re right.

How many mistresses have you had and did you have a favorite?
Luke: (Lifts a haughty eyebrow) One does not discuss such things with a lady.
M: Haha, Sam said you might say something like that, but you have to remember I’m an American.
Luke: I won’t hold it against you. (wink)
M: (laughs and shakes head)

Ok, couple more questions then I will let my readers have at.

What’s your favorite scone?
 Luke: Lemon and thyme.

M: Hmm, I never thought to try that, I might have to try that combination. I personally like lemon lavender scones with some white chocolate. It goes great with lemon curd.
Luke: That sounds delicious.
M: It’s very delicious and I make them from scratch.

In the previous story other than Daniel’s I don’t remember seeing you anywhere, so where have you been hiding out?
Luke: I made a brief appearance for Drew’s and Lana’s wedding. I happened to be in town for a short jaunt. Otherwise, I was traveling.

M: How are you and Vivian doing? Is she everything you hoped for?
Luke: We are doing well, Lady Melody. Very well indeed. She’s everything I never knew I wanted. We’ve been busy with my younger sisters lately, especially Gabrielle. She is back on the marriage mart and has captured the attention of two suitors. I have no idea which gentleman she will choose, but she is putting the rogues through their paces. You’ll be able to read her story “One Rogue Too Many” early next year.
M: Oh goody, I can’t wait to see her adventure (little claps) Gabrielle sounds like a lot of fun. Do you think she will come and visit me?
Luke: I’m sure she would be delighted, and I have no doubt whichever rogue wins her heart, she’d be happy to drag him along.
M: I’ll be delighted for Gabrielle and mystery man to come and visit.

I would like to thank my current book boyfriend for being a super sport for stopping by, is there anything else you would like to say or share?
Luke: Thank you for inviting me today, and thanks for the glass of wine. (lifts his glass in a salute) And most importantly, happy birthday, dearest!
M: Oh thank you (smiles)

Sam: In honor of Melody’s birthday, the duke and I have decided to give away a signed copy of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke and one of the fun new lip balms I had made for the RT Booklovers Convention. Just tell me which “Hunk Stick” you want (Drew, Jake, Daniel, or Luke).
M: I personally would like Jake or Luke. However, I think my readers might want Luke since he is visiting my blog. I don’t think it would be right to offer another “Hunk” while he’s here.
Luke: (smirks in Sam’s direction) And THIS is the reason I prefer Lady Melody.

M: (smiles) Luke, I try to be the diplomatic when things like this come up.

Sam: You do realize, Your Grace, I could create some embarrassing situations for you in the future.

Luke grumbles something that’s probably not fit for ladies’ ears.

M: Oh Luke quit your grumbling, I’m sure Sam is just teasing you.

Thank you again Luke and Sam.

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  1. Question for Luke: I'm a librarian and I always ask, who is your favorite author? To Melody & Samantha, thanks for the giveaway and fun post! :)

    1. Luke: Good morning, my lady. I'm tempted to say Thomas Malory since Le Morte d'Arthur is Lady Vivian's favorite, but I'm more of a Homer man myself. The Odyssey is a personal favorite of mine, and I've read it at least three times. What do you say, Mrs. Grace?

      Sam: That's a hard one, Your Grace. I've always been a Jane Austen fan, but Charles Dickens and Mark Twain are high on my list too. As far as modern authors go, I've enjoyed Wally Lamb. I Know This Much Is True is one of my all time favorite books. There's an historical author I met at the RT Booklovers Convention that I'm anxious to read, C.W. Gortner. Do you have any reading recommendations, Maria?

  2. Luke is it hardbeing a duke? ???

    1. Luke: With great power comes great responsibility, Lady Ebony.

      Sam: I think you stole that from Uncle Ben.

      Luke (lifting an eyebrow): I don't have an Uncle Ben.

      Sam: He's Spiderman's uncle.

      Luke (blank look)

      Sam: Spiderman? He's a super hero? Oh, never mind. Continue.

      Luke (grinning): Thank you, Mrs. Grace. I think you've just established who wears the trousers in this association.

      Sam (blushing): Pardon me, Your Grace.

      Luke: As I was saying, power has its appeal, but power without a sense of responsibility to those subjected to it in fact makes one weak. Being a duke can be a tough job indeed.

  3. Replies
    1. Luke: Thank you, my lady. Your generosity does not go unnoticed. :)

  4. What a fun interview....and what a hunk! Luke, are you looking forward to fatherhood????

    1. Luke (a red flush climbing his face): Lady Melody warned me about you Americans and your delightful directness. Ahem. Well Lady Sheila, when the time comes for issue, I'll be thrilled to become a father. I had an amazing role model with my father.

  5. Oh I just love this!! It's such a great book!

    1. Luke: Why thank you, my lady. How lovely to see you again.

  6. Sam: I'm posting this for a friend that had trouble posting her question for the duke. "Luke Duke, I do not suppose they had Excedrin in Regency Englad, so what did you use on your headache days to help you along?"

    1. Luke: The cook at Foxhaven Manor concocted a tea that worked on occasion, but with my travels, I was usually without anything to fight off headaches. Sometimes a brandy would dull the pain. What I've found most helpful is the healing touch of my lovely bride. :)

  7. I hope the giveaway is open INT, if not, don't count me.

    I have love Samatha's book since the first I read her first book, all her book is great and I will always waiting and reading Samantha's books :)

    1. Thank you, Eli! That's so sweet of you to say. :)

      I did open the contest internationally, so good luck to everyone!

  8. Hey Everyone, I'm so glad y'all asking Luke such great questions. I'm glad Luke and Sam have been able to field the questions.

    I'm always thinking up more questions. Anyways, Luke would be so bad to debate me? I think you would have a lot of fun?

    How is your cousin doing?

    1. Luke: Would debating you be so bad? Are you trying to bait me, dearest? I haven't spoken with Miss Truax since she left the castle. I imagine she's kept busy. Perhaps too busy to interfere in others' lives.

    2. LOL! Oh never Luke. You're one my favorite dukes.

    3. Luke (narrows his eyes): I'm watching you, my lady.

    4. You know you love me, because I keep you on your toes.


  10. OMG what a fun interview! I especially love the haughty lifted brow from the hero! : )

    1. Lol. He does have a haughty brow.

    2. Thank you, Christi! It's good to see you. :)

  11. That was fun! Luke, what kinds of things (outside of the bedroom!) do you and Vivian enjoy doing together?

    1. Luke: How good of you to call today. My bride and I share a love for the outdoors, and when we are able to sneak in a swim, we never pass up the opportunity. :)

  12. Dropped in for a visit love romance books !
    Happy Reading !

    1. Thank you, Joelle! I love writing romance novels, so it's always a thrill for me to be able to share my work with others. It's a dream job for sure. :)