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Blog Tour for Talking Dirty with CEO (Interview with Jackie Ashenden)

On What I'm Reading I have with me Jackie Ashenden the author of Talking Dirty with the CEO. So, I hope y'all welcome her today.

How are you today?
I'm pretty good! Thanks so much for having me on your blog.

Where did you get the idea of Talking Dirty with the CEO?
 I actually first wrote this about four years ago so it's been a while… *tries to get brain working*   I'd always wanted to write a heroine who was a gamer and loves computers – I mean, it's usually the guys who get to do that kind of thing and I really like writing characters who that are a little bit different.  Anyway, usually what you do once you've thought about your characters, is make them do things they hate. Christie is awkward and hates dating so, mean writer that I am, I made her have to write an article on online dating. Now, I know the chances of your online date being a hottie CEO are slim to nil, but hey, this is romance and so I thought Christie might hit the jackpot with her date. And then I thought, well, what if she'd been chatting to him via IM beforehand?  How would that change things? And it just kind of snowballed from there.

Can you tell us a little about Christie and Joseph? What makes them special?
 I'm fond of Christie because she's unapologetically geeky.  She wears Doc Martens, listens to metal, and is really, really determined about some things. She's gutsy and I like that in a heroine.  

Joseph is special because actually, he's pretty determined too. He's got ADHD and although it's kind of wrecked his social life, he's managed to use the good bits of the ADHD to make himself a success. And I like him because even though he's got his flaws, he wants what's best for the people he cares about and you gotta love that quality in a hero.

Are you an online gamer like your heroine?
Hehe. Ummm….well, not online games (unless you count Facebook Scrabble). But I HAVE been known to play Halo with friends on the Xbox. Nothing like shooting you someone you care about with a big gun. ;-)  And I do confess to having an RPG fixation (not looking at anyone in particular Skyrim) not to mention being heavily into the Sims.

What is your favorite part in this story?
 Oooh, tough one since I had fun writing all of it! I think one of my favorite parts is where Christie storms into Joseph's office and calls him on being a douche. She comes into her own at this point and I love how she sticks up for what she wants.

So, what is your current project your working on? Can you share a little about it?
Okay, not sure how much I can say about it but it's another Indulgence that's due out next year. It does involve the heroine threatening the hero with suppositories though, which is always fun. ;-)

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
 Giving damaged people happy endings. And writing hot love scenes. ;-)

If you had to write your own autobiography, what would your title be and why?
 It would be: Jackie! The musical!!  Because I sing a lot. And hey, everyone likes a musical, right?

Thank you for stopping by today, is there anything you would like to share to my readers?
 It was lovely to be here!  And I guess I can add that the next book in the Talking Dirty series is out in August so keep an eye out for that one too!  It involves Joseph's sister and one of his extremely annoying (to Judith at least) friends.  J

A bit about the novel Talking Dirty with the CEO:

Gadget journalist Christie St. John is more geek than chic. But when research for an article she has to write on online dating leads to the bed of the hottest guy she’s ever met, she knows that if the geek is to keep the hottie CEO, she’s going to have to come out of her digital shell.
Tech mogul Joseph Ashton never expected an Internet blind date to end in the best sex of his life. Yet as the chemistry between him and Christie burns out of control, he can't help but think this woman is out for his money like all the rest. She claims she wants his heart instead – but that’s the one thing he can never give.

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A bit about Jackie:

Jackie has been writing fiction since she was eleven years old. Mild mannered fantasy/SF/pseudo-literary writer by day, obsessive romance writer by night, she used to balance her writing with the more serious job of librarianship until a chance meeting with another romance writer prompted her to throw off the shackles of her day job and devote herself to the true love of her heart – writing romance. She particularly likes to write emotional stories with alpha heroes who've just got the world to their liking only to have it blown wide apart by their kick-ass heroines. 
She lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband, the inimitable Dr Jax, two kids, two cats and some guppies (possibly dead guppies by the time you read this). When she's not torturing alpha males and their stroppy heroines, she can be found drinking chocolate martinis, reading anything she can lay her hands on, posting random crap on her blog, or being forced to go mountain biking with her husband.

How you can find Jackie:

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