Thursday, May 16, 2013

eARC: The Elusive Wife by Callie Hutton

Last night I just finished The Elusive Wife by Callie Hutton. I have to say I did enjoyed the story. However, there were sometimes I wanted to strangled the hero and heroine. However, I'm glad they were able to workout their situation.

The things a liked about the book:

First off, I really liked Lady Jane Olivia Grant. However, I felt really bad for her. I mean she kind of got tossed around like a bad penny. It was heart-breaking to see that no one really wanted her. Fortunately, that changes as the story goes on.

Then you have Jason Cavendish, Earl of Conventry. Yes, he didn't want to get married. He could have tried to get to know the girl before he ran back to London. Granted his best friend was calling him a bastard for doing what he did. You know that's bad when you use to go traipsing around town together. Not a good sign at all. I really thought of him as scum of the earth, but he did slowly win my heart. I love how everyone in the story couldn't understand why he did what he did, because they see a different side of him.

I must say The Elusive Wife was brilliantly done. I think Olivia did a marvelous job keeping up with her charade. I don't know if I could have done what she had done, I personally would have lost my cool and gave up a long time ago. I love how Jason decided he wanted to make a go of his marriage once he realize he enjoyed her company. The dynamics of the story is quite entertaining. Overall, a well done book. I would recommend this read for those who enjoy historical romance with a convoluted storyline. I truly think The Elusive Wife is a well done story. So, if you are looking for a clueless Earl go check this read out.

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Don't forget to check back here on June 14th where I will have Callie Hutton, Jason Cavendish, Earl of Conventry, and Lady Olivia as my guests. They shall set the record straight.

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