Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Unbreakable by Rachel Hanna

A few days ago, I finished a New Adult book by Rachel Hanna named Unbreakable. First off, the story was a fairly quick read. I must say I happen to enjoyed the storyline which feature a trouble making girl and a goodie-toe-shoe boy.

All right that's not completely fair to say. Sophie Morgan hadn't always been a trouble maker. However, life threw some curveballs that she couldn't handle, so the best way was to lash out. Which cause her parents to send her to Texas to spend Christmas with her aunt and uncle. While she's there she meets Miller Rhodes. Talk about a rough start between these two. Of course, it all stems from a misunderstanding.

Yes, I enjoyed the story. I really liked how Miller started to come to understand Sophie and help her through her rough patch. Plus, as they got older they maintained the friendship, which was nice to see. I loved how Sophie was able to return the favor to Miller when he needed help.

Overall, a nice New Adult read. The story had me smiling and crying. Plus, it gives hope that friendship can withstand a lot trials. So, if you love New Adult and looking for something read, I would suggest giving Unbreakable a try.

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