Monday, May 20, 2013

Live For You by Marquita Valentine

I'm so excited to bring to you Marquita Valentine newest book which happens to be her first New Adult book. Yep, I enjoy Live For You, which has two fantastic characters: Cole Morgan and Violet Lynn (born as Violet Rae Givens).

Violet is a country singer needed to escape the drama that is brewing in Nashville and what better way than visit her nana. First off, I did like Violet, because I could relate with her when I was that age (just some of it not all). However, she carries some heavy emotional baggage with her to North Carolina.

Cole is a great guy and totally amazing. Even with the heavy baggage that is call his life. Yet he manages to keep his head above water (barely).

The dynamic between Cole and Violet is really intense. Both of them crave each other, but afraid to let each other in their lives. I love how Ms. Valentine switches POV and I think that helps you understand Cole and Violet more. Overall, I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the series. I'm actually curious what will happen to Cole's brother. Here's the bottom line: if you are looking for a New Adult romance, I would suggest going after Live For You. Who knows what will happen?

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  1. Great review---I loved how Cole, and Parker, were working so hard to give their little sister a real life. That alone made me love Cole. :)


    1. Thanks. I was struggling to come up with words. Cole is lovable.