Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett

Well, I finally got a chance to read Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett. First off, I think it's really important to read these books in order and the main reason is there's a continuing plot from the first book. Which might make more sense if you read them in order.

Anyways, my thoughts on Blaze of Winter:

I started Blaze of Winter earlier in the week, but I had other books that were calling my attention. Once I started to really reading this book, I found myself really enjoying Theo's story. If you have read Deep Autumn Heat you would know Theo has a twin brother, Sebastian. I like Sebastian, but I really like Theo more. I don't know why, but loved Theo. Maybe, because he's the quiet guy. Anyways, his brothers call him the professor due to the fact he's quiet, thoughtful and a writer. Don't let that fool you, he does have a little inner bad boy and he tends to come out around Avery Newbridge.

Avery is a bit special. She's came to Star Harbor to figure out her life after a one of her patients met an untimely death. Plus, her Aunt Kate was need of some help. However, Avery kept trying to keep Theo at bay. I'm not going to lie that drove me nuts. Yet, Theo was able to slowly break down her wall.

I did like the story and I think a lot has to do with Theo's tenacity to win Avery. He has always been planner, which helps him in the long run. I like how Blaze of Winter continue overall plot from Deep Autumn Heat. I wonder how the plot will thicken with then next book. I normally would say something cute about why you should get this book, but I can't cause I really do believe you should read the first book first. Otherwise the continuing plot will just get muddle up and I think it's important to the story. So, if you read Deep Autumn Heat I would suggest getting to know Theo Grayson in his story Blaze of Winter, because I think he's fabulous.


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