Monday, May 13, 2013

What Lies Beneath by Andrea Laurence

All right last night, I was able to start Andrea Laurence's What Lies Beneath. You know I really liked this book. Here is why:

I actually like the amnesia/mistaken identity story line. I mean I haven't read to many like What Lies Beneath. This whole story starts with a trip going horribly wrong. When Adrienne Lockhart boarded the plane she didn't expect to come out alive. She finally wakes up, and has no clue who anyone is and they keep calling her Cynthia. Yet, it doesn't feel right to her. So, you watch Adrienne living Cynthia's life and still trying to figure out who she really is.

I really like Cynthia/Adrienne, because she just seems like a lost puppy trying to find her way home. Not only that she learn things that she doesn't like the past she thought she lived. Then you have Will Taylor, who doesn't know what to expect from the new Cynthia. He's waiting for the former Cynthia make a reappearance. However, he's willing to make it work with the new Cynthia.

Overall, I really liked this story. I did like the whole mistaken identity/ amnesia storyline. However, I was waiting throughout the whole book to see when Cynthia/Adrienne life would crumble. Of course it was bound to happen, but it still made me cry. Personally, I did think it was a good story. So, if you are looking for a story with amnesia with mistaken identity, I would suggest What Lies Beneath. I thought it was worth my time, you might too.

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