Friday, July 30, 2021

When Stars Collide by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Review)

I got a chance to finished When Stars Collide by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I do have a fondness for her stories. They are fun to read or listen to, so I was excited for a chance to checkout her latest Chicago Stars story. I love this series. We have met some super fun characters, and very memorable moments. Yes, I was excited that there was a new book. I'm going to be honest I don't remember ever reading a Thaddeus Bowman Owens (T-Bo). He could have been in the last story. I could try to listen to the previous story, but I just can't. Moving on. We have Thad who has to work with Olivia Shore who is a famous opera singer. She holds a grudge against Thad to some information. Anyway, we have a rocky start with these two for a national tour of a product. 

It wasn't a bad story, but it wasn't a great story. I like the idea of a jock and an opera singer trying to play nice on a national tour for a product. However, it kind of fell flat for me. There were some banter in the book, but nothing like past banter. I guess I didn't feel an emotional connection to the character. SEP usually hits a couple of spots with me: 1) She has me needing a box of tissue at least once in the story. 2) I'm laughing so hard that I'm in stitches. Which didn't happen to me. I did get a few chuckles, but nothing that feel busting a gut. However, towards the end I did feel it was more like SEP book, but by the time I got there was ready for the story to be over. Will I check this story out again, probably. I do my annual listen to the Chicago Stars stories, because that's a comfort for me. It was okay read. Will I continue reading SEP of course, because not every book is going to hit the same spot for everyone. However, majority of her books hit the right spots. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

Rating: 3 Stars

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