Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Audiobook Review: Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr

As you know I started listening to the Virgin River series, because of the NETFLIX show. Yes, still finding a lot of difference. However, I'm sticking to the series cause I'm committed. Since I'm committed I finished Shelter Mountain, and I have to say I liked this book a little better than the first one. I liked Preacher, because he's a steady strong guy. He might be big, and quiet, but he's also a watcher. He notice that Paige was in deep trouble and needed help.

There are quite a few subplots going on. If you are one of those types of people that aren't too keen on multiple subplots, this might be your type of read. Even though they seem like filler and helping you understand the dynamics of the town. I also find out that it's a town of 600 instead of hundred, but still small. However, a good portion of the story is about Preacher and Paige's relationship development. This is definitely a slow burn kind of story. The main reason behind that is the story touches on domestic violence. Paige is domestic violence survivor, which she does feel the guilt, and believes it's her fault. It takes a long time for Paige to open up to Preacher about this. A lot of character development. One of subplots is Ricky and Lizzie, and they have a pretty big subplot in the story. They were hot and heavy teenagers in the first book, but they had to cool it. Their story plays a little role into the story here. They both had to grow up real fast. It's a small town, everybody talks.

Overall, it's getting better. However, I don't think Mel is all that smart, but it's a personal opinion. I still feel this way as I'm going through book 3. However, I did like this story more than first book. Preacher and Paige are cute together. Preacher is a good guy, and he had to show Paige that all men aren't bad. Domestic violence takes a toll on a person, and Paige survived. 

Copy provided by local library

Rating: 4 Stars

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