Thursday, October 7, 2021

Her Renegade Cowboy by Lora Leigh (Review)

This book was a mistake for me, and probably should have stopped after a few chapters. I regret not DNFing Her Renegade Cowboy. I thought this would have more suspense than what was in here. However, you know what got me to read this book was the cover, and the promising book blurb. 

Yes, Levi Roberts is an undercover US Marshall, and former Army Ranger. He's playing a cowboy on Lily's cousin's ranch. He's not there most of time cause he's at Lily's house getting it on. Lily is a school teacher. You are probably thinking she's sweet and kind. Wrong! She's sassy, and a firer ball. She could be with her students, but you don't really see her interacting with her students. 

Majority of this book takes place around Lily's house. Honestly, you don't really feel the impending doom that her life is in until the last portions of the book. I probably should have put this story down, after the first time. I trudged on trying to read the story. If you are looking for a story that has more suspense you aren't going to find it here. Now if you are looking for hot steamy read, and not really going anywhere, this my friend is your read.

Copy provided by St. Martin via NetGalley

Rating: 1 Star

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