Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Comparing the Film of Crazy Rich Asian to the Book

In the last post I mention that there were a lot of difference from book to film, here we go. Now if this book is on your to read list, you might want to skip over this post. There might be spoilers ahead. I mean you kind of have to. If you don't care read on. 

In the previous post I mention that I watched the movie before the movie. I normally wouldn't suggest doing that. I would advocate for reading the book first, but I'm kind glad I didn't. The two characters that didn't change much from book to film were Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young. However, I didn't realize that Nick was a teacher at NYU along with Rachel. I must have missed it. Anyway. Yes, Nick wants to bring Rachel to his best friend's wedding. This is where the story starts to off on a different tangent. I mention there are a lot of characters in the book, in the movie that kind of condensed some of the characters into a couple key character. 

Now if you seen the movie, you might have loved Awkwafina as her Peik Lin, and her outlandish character. However, Goh Peik Lin is a bit more subdue. She's supposed to be bubbly in the book, but doesn't come off like that. By the way, Awkwafina does an amazing job. In the movie Awkwafina has an Ellen style hair cut, and we get the line Asian Ellen look. Not in the book. Actually Peik Lin's look is more dark long hair, and fashionable. Where in the movie she's a bit gaudy. However, it's hilarious in the movie. However, the person with blond bob hair cut is actually, Sophie Khoo who isn't in the story. She's Colin's sister and Astrid's cousin, and Sophie helps Rachel at the bachelorette party. In the movie Astrid is the one that helps Rachel with the fish. Astrid is having a lot of issues in the story. Her marriage problems are more pronounce in the story. That was interesting listen too, because we learn more about "the affair". Trust me, we need quotation marks are required. We also have Nick's mother, and her posse. In the book they play a bigger role than in the movie. 

I probably beat this until it was a dead horse on the difference. I know you guys would probably say you shouldn't compare two, because they are different. You know, and you would be correct. However, this was something that has been weighing on my mind for sometime. Also I need to get back to writing blog. I even tried to read book two, because of the rumors of them making the second book. However, I couldn't. Too much for me. In short I prefer the movie, because it was light and fun. Plus, I didn't get bombard with characters. It just a personal opinion, and my thoughts could be total crap. Oh well. 

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