Monday, April 1, 2013

Stroke of Genius by Mia Marlowe

Early today I finished Stroke of Genius by Mia Marlowe. I must that I did enjoy this steamy read. Believe me there are some pretty hot scenes in this story. However, that's not the only reason I liked the story. So, let me share why I like the story.

First off, I'm partial to American heiresses as heroine (not that I'm one, but I just love when Americans cross the pond to stir up trouble. Not intentionally, just happens). Grace Makepeace's mother is hoping that Grace can catch the eye of a titled lord. Cause that's every mothers dream.

Grace's mother figures hiring the exclusive sculptor, Crispin Hawkins, to make a sculptor of Grace's hands will set her off in the eyes of the ton. Silly mothers. However, Crispin desires Grace and he's not sure why. So, there is so much heat between them.

I did enjoy Stroke of Genius for a couple of reason: 1) The chemistry between Grace and Crispin. 2) Who doesn't enjoy an American heiress as a heroine. 3) Surprisingly Crispin does have some morals, but you know they get toss out the window when he has the hots for the heroine. 4) A twist about his heritage. Let me tell you I was surprise.

Overall, Mia Marlowe does have a way with writing witty conversation and hot heroes. Seriously, I love the banter between the hero and heroine. So, if you are looking for a hot hero and an American heiress I would suggest taking a look at Stroke of Genius.


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