Tuesday, April 2, 2013

eARC: Breaking Her Rules by Katie Reus

Let me be honest here, I don't tend to go for suspence romance. I don't know really why, just never really got into. However, I'm all for trying new things. So, todays selection is Breaking Her Rules  by Katie Reus. I must that I actually enjoyed the story and here's why?

First off, who doesn't love a butt kicking heroine, who really doesn't need a man to protect. That's pretty awesome. Which we have that with Iris Tarango, who works for Red Stone. Then you have the oh so yummy hero, Wyatt Christiansen, who just happens to be her husband. You got to love what happens in Vegas. Anyways, now they need to work together to make sure Wyatt stays safe.

Overall, I have say I found this Breaking Her Rules enjoyable. Plus, I liked the fast pace of the story once the establish they need to work together. Not only that Ms. Reus was able to make me envision some of the action scenes in my mind as I read the story.  For someone who doesn't read a lot of suspense romance, I found this worth the read and you might want to checkout the story. Bottom line is if you are looking for a fast pace action read with a butt kicking heroine and yummy hero, go for Breaking Her Rules

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