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Date by Mistake by Candace Havens with Shannon Leigh, Gwen Hayes, Jill Monroe, and Rosemary Clement-Monroe

Today's read takes us to Port Calypso in Date by Mistake an Indulgence anthology. We get to see four dates that started off really bad and surprisingly work out in the end. Some of them don't even realize they're on a date. We meet bloggers, lost loves reunited, and a disaster date. So, let's get started:

Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door
Gwen Hayes

I have to say I enjoyed this story and it was a lot of fun. Dane Martin (aka Mr. Virile) gives advice through his blog to guys who need a little help with hooking up with chicks. Then you have Holly Winters (aka Girl Next Door) who also has a blog, but tries to give practical advice to gals looking for Mr. Right. I love how there agents decided to play matchmakers with their two clients. Eek, there must be some ethics violation or something. Love the chemistry and heat between Dane and Holly, but each of them is willing to stand their ground.

Plus, the story line kind of reminds me of the movie HITCH, but only in some aspects. However, I do enjoy the dueling bloggers and who has better method for relationship. Plus, it was fun to see how they were unsuspecting to be on a blind date.

Favorite Quotes: 
"You're an attractive guy. And you emit enough sexual pheromones to power a small city. I'm sure I'd even enjoy sleeping with you."
"Actually, I think being linked to the town playboy when my platform is teaching women to stay away form the playboys of their town can be construed as a bad thing."

Tycoon Reunion
Candace Havens with Shannon Leigh

In this story, we have two people who were in love when they were younger. However, Jake Michaels decided it would be best if left his hometown to pursue his career. Plus, he did it in a jerk kind of way and never told Annabelle Darlington he was leaving. Now life has thrown these two crazy kids back together. I thought it was a sweet story.

Passionate Persuasion
Rosemary Clement-Moore

In this story we meet Alex Drake who happen to be idiot frat boy when he was with Kiara Fredericks. I thought this story was sweet with reuniting lost love. Granted Alex had a lot of ground to make up and had a penchant for sticking his foot in his mouth. He did have a good heart, just a little misguided in college.

Date on the Run
Jill Monroe

The last story. First off, this was an all right read. I kind of felt the story line was a bit far-fetch and would probably done better as a full-length novel instead of a novella. It did have a great making for suspense romance, but felt rushed. Overall, I did like the hero, Ezra Washington, and his need to rescue damsels in distress. Then you have Juliet Martin who is a report that would like to move up from doing fluffy pieces to an investigate reporter. It had potential.

Bottom line: Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door is my favorite story out of the anthology. With the witty lines and heat between hero and heroine makes this anthology worth the read. Tycoon Reunion & Passionate Persuasion are sweet reads. Which tends to happen when you have long lost loves reuniting. Date on the Run was a bit rush. Was the book worth my time? Yes. Did I love the stories? Most of them. Overall, enjoyable and if you are looking for some quick stories with bad dates you might want to read Date by Mistake. Its definitely safer than venturing out on a blind date yourself.

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