Monday, April 1, 2013

Regency and Fruit (not what your thinking)

Seriously, this isn't about the fruit in the regency era, but rather me being silly along with The Book Queen. A few months ago, The Book Queen and I were on Twitter talking about a variety apples and clementines which launch the idea of Regency Fruit. Originally it was going to be Regency Apples, but then I started thinking about all the different fruit that could be added to the list and what they could be categorize.

Since this is April Fools, let the silliness begin:

Honeycrisp Apples: I don't know how many of you that these are the best tasting apples (so far). So, BQ and I referred them to be the Dukes of the apple world. Here's why: They don't have a long season, but they are the best. So once the season is over they head into the country. Plus, they are sorely miss when they leave the season.

Red Delicious: We refer them to as the second sons. They always look delish, but once you sample it was a bad idea. Yes, they would be the ones to dally with, but not really worth the commitment.

Pink Lady: This lady is not be toy with. You never know what gossip she might spread. We thought of this apple as the harpy that can't keep her mouth shut and believe everything in those gossip rags.

Then we have are mistresses you know the ones that are strapping young aristocrats like to have there peccadillos or your married husbands like to dally with which are: Beauty of Bath, Beauty of Hampshire, Pacific Beauty, Tickled Pink

Beacon: sounds like the minister, bishop, or other church leader. Plus the apple is describe to be soft and have hard core. Just screams minister.

Beverley Pippin: Well, this would the apple of the first water (it's a rare apple)

Captain Kidd: Sounds like the militia to me.

Granny Smith: The one you turn to, because they are always true to form. Probably a wise old relative.

King Luscious: We have royalty among us. So, nice for them to join us this day.

Let's not forget are dandy. Of course he's not an apple but a Cutie or Clementine. This little sucker can only entertain for so long before you want the Grace of Apples. So, are dandy is just a substitute for what we really want. Oh well.

Since coming up with all these apples to go with some of the people you might find in the regency era, but I have learn there is an alphabet full of Apples and these are just a sample. I was planning to add more fruit like bananas and pineapples, but I think this might be a good start for future Fruit Regency. So, lets see what wackiness we can come up next year.

SO, what is your favorite apple? Mine is Honeycrisp.


  1. Hehe---I can't believe that I missed when this post went up. Bad, bad me! LOL. Great post, Melody! But I'm afraid you left out the dear Braeburn. *gasp* Hands down my favorite, after the Duke of course. :D


    1. I think I'm going to continue the Regency fruit, so more apples and others will come. Don't you worry Braeburn will come. Who knows I might actually create a silly story with our cast.

    2. That would be awesome! LOL