Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ARC: A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence

Early this morning, I finished reading A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence. Who doesn't love a quick read with a fake engagement or a conniving aunt? I for one love enjoy a good fake engagement.

From the first moment Francesca Orr and Liam Crowe were stuck in the elevator the steam from that encounter hadn't evaporated. Boy was that a hot moment. Now Liam was give an ultimatum from his Aunt Beatrice (the Queen Bee) to be married within the year. Fortunately, he found the perfect co-conspirator to trick the Queen Bee. Yet, nothing ever works out according the plan. The goal is to make it through this farce unscathed, but it seems the heart doesn't understand the goals.

Francesca is one of the most fascinating heroine I have read so far. Taking her nona's superstitions to heart she looks for signs to guide through her life. One of those signs helps her decided to go along with Liam's plan. Liam is definitely a yummy hero with his blue eyes and dark hair. Yet he is willing to do whatever to get American News Service (ANS) back on track. Even take on a fake fiancée to secure the controlling shares of the company.

The fake fiancée troupe is a lot fun to read. I mean you know they are going be force to marry, no matter what. However, you always wonder who will be the first to cave and fall in love or wonder if both characters fall in love at the same time and don't want to admit it. See a lot of fun. Plus, Liam and Francesca have a lot of heat to begin with and this adds to the complication of their liaison.

I actually found A Very Exclusive Engagement delightful to read. I enjoyed the chemistry between Liam and Francesca and how it was compounded with the fake engagement. Add the Queen Bee into the mix, and you know it can only lead to trouble. So, if you love fake engagements with meddlesome family members, you might like to read A Very Exclusive Engagement.

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