Monday, April 29, 2013

Miss Spencer Rides Astride by Sydney Alexander

Good evening everyone. I just finished Miss Spencer Rides Astride by Sydney Alexander. Which I believe is her debut novel and a nice read. Let me explain:

First off we have a future earl, William Archwood, running off trying to escape his betrothal. He can't even stand the girl. Lady Violleta deLacey is described as flighty and plump. He figures he can run from his problems. What better place to escape those problems than to travel to Ireland. Yes, I guess he was feeling the luck of the Irish. It's amazing how running away can always create more problems. While in Ireland he becomes Mr. Archer and starts to fall for Miss Grainne Spencer.

Grainne isn't your typical lass. Oh no, she would be classified as a tomboy in our day. Quite scandalous how she runs around the stables in men breeches. Since William is there to take her place she is to return to the home to pursue lady qualities, she comes up with a hair-brain scheme to run away with the gypsies. Which she should never trust, but she's trying to escape a fate worse than death.

Ok, my thoughts: First off I saw a lot of potential for this story. I mean the plot actually sounds like a lot of fun. When I said it was nice, I mean it was nice. There isn't a lot of conflict and the little conflict there was just seem to manage to work itself out. I think if William and Grainne were able to butt-heads a little more I think it would have giving more to the story.

As I said it's a nice story and I liked it. I must say it was written well, but I wish there was a little more drama to the story. Which I believe would have helped the story move a little faster. Here's the bottom line: If you are looking for a sweet read with little conflict, you will enjoy Miss Spencer Rides Astride.

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