Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seducing Charlotte by Diana Quincy

First off, I should have finished Seducing Charlotte last night. However, sleep was calling my name and two late nights in a row would not do me any good. Yet, I really wanted to finished this book last night, because it was amazing! Seriously!

First off I loved the heroine Charlotte Livingston for a few reason: 1) Blue-stocking girl who cares about what is going on in her surroundings other than batting her eyelashes and acting coquette. 2) She has interest the beginnings of the industrial revolution (granted it was really coined yet, but you see the beginnings of what we would call the Industrial Revolution).
3) Not going to play the simpering miss because a Marquess has shown some interest in her.
Love heroines with a backbone. They tend to make the story more interesting.

Arthur Stanhope, Marquess of Camryn is not your typical Lord. He knows times the are changing and he has gotten his hands a tad bit dirty being an industrialist.

Love these two characters, because they bring a spice to the story. Especially, when you have a reformist and an industrialist, you wonder how are they going to get together? With their heat and passion they are perfect match for each. Plus, I love Cam, and his plan to make Charlotte his. However, he does get a bit jealous of Nathan Fuller and the attention Charlotte pays to him.

Here's the bottom line: LOVE SEDUCING CHARLOTTE! Yes, I'm shouting. I love the fast pace of the story and the tension between Charlotte and Cam. I really like how Charlotte puts others before her needs which is the key to the tension between Cam and her. So, if you are looking for hero who isn't your conventional lord and a heroine who sticks up for others, you might want to consider reading Seducing Charlotte.

Seriously, love this book and can't wait to see what Ms. Quincy will come up with next. Especially, since Cam does have brothers. I wonder if they will find love. Hmm.

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