Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Could Your Life Be A Romance Novel or At Least Parts of It?

Maybe this flamingo is a shame of his family
Have you ever wonder if your life could be used in a romance novel? You are probably wondering where this all stem from. Well, it all started from another blog post I read. The blog post was asking how do you feel about grandparents in the books you read. This got me started to thinking: Could my life be a romance novel? So, I started to think of  situation that you would find in romance novels and form some questions. In way this is a little quiz to see if your life could be a romance novel:

  • Was anyone in your family illegitimate or a bastard (honestly this really wouldn't matter in present day)? 
  • Would any male member in your family would be consider a manwhore, rake, rogue, or player?
  • Did anyone in your family take in there by-blow into there family?
  • Nosy neighbors that have stick there nose in everybody's business?
  • Black sheep in the family (everyone has one)?
  • Crazy family members that you question their mental stability?
  • Drama from a death in a family or any other crisis?
  • Force marriage, because someone got accidentally pregnant?
  • Any secret pregnancy?
  • Anyone out there used a fake boyfriend or fiancĂ© to appease the family?
If you can "yes" to any of these question, maybe your life can be made into a romance story. I know I can answer some of the question. Now you're dying to know which ones I would answer. So, here we go:

I actually can say yes to the first one. Yes, my parents were not married when they conceived me. To tell you the truth they didn't get married until my youngest brother was born. Technically, I'm not a legitimate. At least I wasn't born in the regency or victorian otherwise I would be a walking scandal.

Ok, the next two I can most definitely say yes. My grandfather "god rest his soul" was a manwhore. I'm not kidding. My mother has told me that I have 13 aunts and uncles from his peccadilloes while he was away from home. I have to say that my mother was a result to one of his peccadilloes. The story behind my mother was living with her father and his wife. His wife just lost her son from SIDs and he figure it would be alright to bring in a child he had with his mistress. WOW, I know. As a result of my grandfathers misjudgment caused my mother to suffer the consequence. Its always hard to be different the rest of your brothers and sisters. Especially, you look like the oddball out of them all (my mother was brown hair and brown eyes while her siblings were blond hair and blue eyes. Plus, it didn't help that both the parents she knew were blond hair).

Actually, I could probably answer yes to most the questions on my list. I think my romance story would be a little rough, but I think I would eventually get to my happily-ever-after. Do you have a story? I know some of them might not be as exciting as having a grandfather being a manwhore. Could you see your life as a romance story?


  1. Hehe, great post, Melody! :D A manwhore of a grandfather? Oh my, sounds like your book would indeed be an interesting one! LOL.

    Let's see... Crazy family member, black sheep (or two, or three), and drama. No manwhores in my immediate family. But I have an aunt who, in my opinion, is totally a whore... :D