Sunday, June 16, 2013

eARC: Once Upon A Darkness by Aria Kane

All right, most of you know I'm not a fan of zombies. My least favorite show is The Walking Dead and here is a tidbit: it took me three days to watch Zombieland. My husband makes fun me, because he tells me it's not that scary. Hey, I don't like zombies, but I will try a zombie story every now and again. Todays zombie selection is Once Upon A Darkness by Aria Kane.

First off, I actually liked the story. I know, this is huge deal. Anyways, we have this group who do search and rescue for survivals in a post apocalyptic world of zombies. Now you wondering how romance fits into this book, but it does. Gretchen and Clint work together to find her brother Hank. Of course they have feelings for one another, but they can't focus on that because of the mission.

Overall, I did like this novella and I'm surprise to say this, but I wish the story was a little longer. I know, the non-zombie fan would have liked the story a little longer. For a quick zombie read it was pretty good. So, if you are fan of The Walking Day, you might enjoy this quick read of Once Upon A Darkness.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Melody! I'm glad you took a chance on my zombie book :-)