Saturday, September 12, 2015

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon (Review)

A few years back (2013) I read Jessica Lemmon's If You Dare when it was a novella. Fantastic little story about a haunted house, a bet, and Hawaii. However, I couldn't really remember much about the story. The one thing that stood out was the house. We jump ahead (2015), and Jessica has added more to the story. I could not tell you what was added if my life depended on it, because story blends so well with the old and the new.

Okay my thoughts on the revise longer version of If You Dare, still a great story. I still enjoy the chemistry between Marcus and Lily. Actually a lot of my thoughts from my original post still apply so if you want to check them out click on If You Dare. The only difference that I notice was a new love scene, and there probably more. Like aI said it blends well from old and new. Honestly, it's a great little story to put you in spooky little events, with Halloween just around the corner a great way to start the season of spookiness.

Copy provided by Entangled via NetGalley

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