Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dragons Will Fall by Susan Scott (Review)

All right, I received the chance to read Susan Scott's (also known as Susannah Scott) Dragons Will Fall. This is a little different from her Vegas dragons, which we enter a fantastical area where we see dragons, magic, and powerful kings. Basically, we are introduce to a magical kingdom.

We meet Kas who is a half-light, which is a person born from a magician and human. They don't have the full power of a magician and they aren't quite human. The half-lights aren't accept into either group, so they are driven out of the land. Kas is trying to help her people, but don't see her as much help. Her character broke my heart, because she doesn't feel accept anywhere. Throughout the story we see her feeling alone a lot of the times. We also have Cullen who is the Dragon King. He basically searches out Kas to help his people recover from the sickness that is slowly killing the dragons. Kas feels that she can't help them, because her magic is unstable. We see Cullen trying to help her control her powers. If that wasn't the only issue we have an uprise in the winds. We traitors left and right, and we aren't quite sure who is set to seek out the demise of the dragons.

Overall, Dragons Will Fall is a pretty good start to this magical world where we find deceit and intrigue. I like that we see the foundation forming to introduce us to this magical kingdom. It peaked my interest to see what happens next. I'm curious to see what happens next.

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