Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long (Review)

A few years back (almost five years ago), my friend lent me Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long. To say the least, I couldn't get into the story. I even looked ahead to see if there was anything that would pull me through. I just didn't wanted to read this book. So, I returned the book to her, and decided not the time. Now we jump ahead to today, and I have been given an opportunity to read Like No Other Lover with a changed view on my feelings. To my surprise I actually liked this story. Yes, I stilled struggled with the beginning, but there were things that got me through this story. Lets dive into my thoughts, and I hope you might find entertaining. If not that's okay with me, because I will still find them humorous.

Lets start with Cynthia Brightly. Seriously, she's not an easy character to like. What helped me to tolerate her at the beginning was Kanye West's Gold Digger ft. Jamie Foxx. The line that really stuck out was "She ain't messing with no broke bro." Of course I totally lost it, because she basically on the hunt for rich husband. Like everyone else I assume she spoil, shallow, and whatever else comes to mind. She doesn't do herself any favors, but once we start to dissect her character we find more than meets the eye. Truthfully she wants to be herself, but circumstances forces her to be who she is. I actually like her character a lot about halfway through the story. Honestly, she's a vulnerable person when she lets people in (meaning Miles).

Miles. Oh Miles. I struggle with him for a little bit. Yes, he had a chip on his shoulder when it came to Cynthia and her callous regard to him, even though she didn't know he heard her. Granted he didn't know her straits were dire, but he just had this preconceive notion that she was shallow and looking for money (gold digger). Here's why I struggle with Miles: The plan was to court Lady Georgina at the house party, entertain Lady Middlebough at night, and in a weird way flirt with Cynthia. Yea, he wasn't winning any points with me. Actually, I love one of the things Cynthia said to Miles
"Perhaps it's just that everyone expends so much effort upon making excellent matches without thought to the suitability of the pairing, and therefore much unhappiness is perpetuated." 
This actually gave him a pause on his actions. That's when I actually appreciate Cynthia.

If you asked me five years ago about Like No Other Lover, I would have passed. Since I'm taking a journey of Pennyroyal Green, I found myself enjoying the story. I liked how Cynthia and Miles came together. They were both honest with one another on what they were after and in the end they found something better. If you can look past these two characters flaws, you will find an enjoyable story and I'm glad to take a chance on Miles and Cynthia.

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