Friday, September 11, 2015

The Perils of Pleasure by Julie Anne Long (Review)

I have finally started Pennyroyal Green books. Yes, I know they have been out forever and I actually own pretty much all of them. Anyway, we are starting the journey and getting to know the Redmond and Eversea. The best way to describe these families relationship is if we liken them to the Hatfield and McCoy. However, I don't think the Hatfield and McCoy would have done some of the things in the story. By the end, I have some questions that will hopefully be answer by the end of the series. Anyway, lets dive into my thoughts.

Colin Eversea has been having a bit of bad luck. I mean he was convicted of murdering of a relative of a Redmond and is sentence to die at the gallows. Oh poor Eversea, he never thought his life would come to end by the gallows. However, luck must be on the side of Colin cause he's rescued by an enchanting woman. Okay, at the beginning he probably would use those words.

Madeleine Greenway has been hired to save Colin. I adore Madeleine, because she's not like any heroine I have come across. After the passing of her family, she had falling on dark times, and being a woman of little means she has been able financial save herself without whoring herself out. She's a clever gal and resourceful.

So, we have Colin who happens to be normally charming and charismatic, but when he tries to apply his charm it kind of falls short on Madeleine. Madeleine is pretty levelheaded throughout story, which keeps Colin safe. Actually the story line The Perils of Pleasure is actually fun and adventurous. Colin and Madeleine have to figure out what the heck is going on, I mean you have a daring rescue, but someone wants to eliminate Madeleine. We have those elements of the story, and lets not forget that Colin needs to stop his brother's wedding. After all his brother is marrying the girl of his dreams, or at least he believes at the beginning of the story. We see growth between Colin and Madeleine throughout the story. The Perils of Pleasure is a pretty good start to an epic adventure through Pennyroyal Green, might as well start with a fun Eversea.

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4 Stars

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