Friday, September 25, 2015

Dance With The Devil by Angela Dennis (Review)

Yesterday, I finished Dance With The Devil by Angela Dennis, and I liked this story a lot. Okay, we have Carrick and Jillian who are both running from their past, but they both get called home. They didn't know they were technically enemies until they reach their pride lands. When they return chaos is in the air and Jillian needs to pretty much assume the roll of Alpha. However, she never thought this to be possible since she's a half-blood. Man there is a lot of politics that go into this pride. She needs to find a mate, and the conclave has chosen one for her. However, it's a little late, because she had accidentally mated with Carrick. Boy does it all get all kinds of crazy when she needs to ignore that she mated with Carrick and pretend to mate with his brother Lucas. Say what. Yep, and this is for the good of the pride.

Jillian is faced with the challenge of staying with her actually mate or try to mate with Lucas for the good of the pride. Definitely, a hard choice. She's always been consider an outcast by her kind, but she's willing to protect them from whatever course.

I did enjoyed the story, but it did have me biting my nails at times. It's pretty intense at times and sitting there hoping she picks Carrick. There are so many risk factors if she chooses Carrick, and she weighs all the options. She does have wonderful friends that help with her choice. I like how they break things down so she can see that it would be a disaster if she didn't stay with Carrick.

Dance With The Devil is a great start to Angela's new series. You see the politics of the pride and how they are challenge on all sides of the story. We have Jillian and Carrick trying to see what is the best for everyone, which isn't always the easiest. By the end, we have a happy ending for Jillian and Carrick, but at the same time gearing up to face the conclave. Not a cliffhanger per se, but leads to the next book. By the end of Dance With The Devil, I'm clamoring for the next book, because I want to see who gets mated next and what happens with the concave show up. Cause they are not going to be happy with certain events. Now I have to wait and be patient. Ugh. Other than the issue on waiting, Dance With The Devil is a pretty good read, and Angela does a pretty good job building this world with lion shifters.

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