Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You're the Earl That I Want by Kelly Bowen (Review)

I have been reading You're the Earl That I Want by Kelly Bowen. This is a third book in The Lords of Worth series. The stories have been good and cleverly written. They really aren't your typical romance. In todays selection we find a girl who has been in love with her brother's best friend since she was little. If that wasn't all, we also find ourselves in the midst of danger, so lets get started.

Heath Hextall, the new Earl of Boden, he has decided he needs a wife. Not just any wife, but biddable, kind, quiet, who's not cause havoc in his life, pretty much a boring wife. He has asked his best friend to find him this woman. Of course, the Duke of Worth accepts this challenge. Now we know Hextall's main goal. However, it's thrown off course a bit with a murder and Josephine Somerhall (Joss).

Now Joss is an awesome heroine. She might be a bit on the wild side, but she has a good heart and clever. She has this ability to be able to do anything that she puts her mind to it. She also has this vulnerability, but she refuses to let anyone know, especially Hextall.

Why I liked You're The Earl That I Want? First off, we have two people that would complete each other, but one doesn't see it. Instead of letting it affect, she decides to press forward and help Hextall in solving the problem that landed in his lap. Poor Hextall, he's just too honorable at times, and letting the wait of the earldom weigh on him. Good thing he has Joss by his side. I liked the light (very light) suspense that was the story. All they are trying to figure out why Gavin Smythe was murder, but they find themselves in a bit of danger since they started to uncover something bigger than what they expected.

Overall, You're the Earl That I Want held my attention through the story. I found myself wanting to read a little more. I love the interaction between Joss and Hextall. I mean they were a fun couple. I was a little worry that Hextall might pick the wrong girl, but thank goodness it all worked for everyone. So, if You're the Earl That I Want sounds like something you might like, give it try.

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4 Stars

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