Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Scotsman of My Dreams by Karen Ranney (Review)

I absolutely loved the first book in MacIain books, so I was super excited to read Scotsman of My Dreams by Karen Ranney. However, it kind of fell flat for me. Scotsman of My Dreams is still a good story, but the problem I ran into was the pacing. I had a hard time getting into the story. It felt like I was racing a turtle as I'm reading Scotsman of My Dreams. It wasn't until it got a little over halfway through the story that it started to pick up.

Other than the pacing the story is really good. We have Minerva Todd who is in search of her brother, and she has gone to the Earl of Rathsmere, because he was the last person to see her brother alive. Now Dalton MacIain, Earl of Rathsmere, is wallowing in self pity. He's a hollow shell of his former self. Use to be known as this notorious rake who did what he please, and he was so full of himself he decided to take off to America and fight in the Civil War. Yes, that's such a brilliant plan *eye rolls*. Anyway, he comes back practically blind, secludes him, and wanting to forget the whole American incident. However, he won't get any peace until Minerva finds her brother. Now they need to work together to find her brother.

Oh my goodness, do these two get on to one another's nerves. They bicker a lot. Not really bicker, but more like point out one another flaws. We have Minerva who sees nothing but a rake, and Dalton who sees a harridan. That right there makes this an interesting read. As the story progress, they start to see one another in a different life. However, they still have to deal with Minerva's brother, who Dalton believes tried to kill him, and Minerva trying to get him to listen to what he has to say before jumping to conclusion. We see that inner struggle. At the same time we have someone in the background who is trying to hurt Dalton.

Overall,  Scotsman of My Dreams is an all right read. Other than the pace of the story, plot is pretty good. I did like that we have an older sister looking out for her younger brother; it's always nice to have a champion even you don't believe you need one. I enjoyed the banter between Dalton and Minerva, because they try to needle at one another. I also like that we have a hero who once was consider a perfect specimen of a man to fall and wallow in self pity. I like that Minerva was able to pull him out.

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3 1/2 Stars

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