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WordSmith Publicity Release Day Launch +Excerpt + Giveaway: When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan

When You Are Mine is here!!!
We're thrilled to celebrate the release of When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan, and we have an excerpt to share. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Title: When You Are Mine (The Bennetts #1)
Author: Kennedy Ryan
Age Group: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever Yours (June 17, 2014)

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“Ryan's debut is rife with sexual tension, while her easy style and likable characters bring this unpredictable love triangle to life.” --Karina Halle, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Artists Trilogy

“When You Are Mine is exactly what I look for in a romance! Achingly beautiful with palpable, real characters, you cannot help but completely fall in love with. I cannot wait for more!” --A.L. Jackson, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of Take This Regret and Lost to You.

Forever is a heartbeat away . . .

Kerris Moreton knows how to make things work. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she adapted; when opportunity arose, she thrived. Now, about to open her own business and accept a marriage proposal, Kerris is ready to build the life she's always wanted. The only thing missing? A passionate connection with her would-be fiancé, Cam. Kerris wants to believe that sparks are overrated-until Walsh Bennett lights her up like the Fourth of July.

. . . but what about love?

As one of the East Coast's most eligible bachelors, Walsh enjoys financial independence, fulfilling work with his family's nonprofit, and plenty of female attention. But lately he's been distracted by the one woman he can't have. Lovely to look at and even sweeter to know, Kerris is the soul mate Walsh never thought he would find. The problem is, his best friend found her first . . .


Excerpt, Part Three

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From Chapter 10

  “I have my eye on a new company.”


  Walsh kept his tone neutral. He approached each of these paternal conversations with tactical precision, careful not to volunteer too much information, but to wait for his opponent to make the first move, revealing how to best defend.

  “Marist Holdings.” Walsh recognized the predatory gleam in his father’s eyes, savoring the taste of coming conquest. “You familiar?”

  Walsh kept his posture deliberately languid, but his mind executed a rapid-fire retrieval of any information he could recall about Marist Holdings. It never paid to reveal excitement about any venture. He had learned early that his father invariably viewed emotions as leverage. For him to know you wanted something was to give him a weapon to use against you.

  “I know very little about Marist, Dad. Enlighten me?”
  “You must know something.” His father fired him a knowing look.
  He always made it his business to know his father’s next move. Part of the

stratagem he employed to negotiate their relational minefield.
  “I think Marist was a family-owned operation. Medium-size logistics firm based

in Burlington, New Jersey.” Walsh lifted his Charvet tie to study the medallion pattern. “Recently went public. Established a Chicago branch about a year ago, which hemorrhaged profit. Now they find themselves with little cash flow. In addition to carrying some hefty debts they took on to open the new plant. Am I close?”

  “So you are familiar.” His father smiled, the closest thing to pride Walsh ever got to see in his eyes. “I want that company.”

  “And you want me on the team?”

  You are the team.” Martin held his son’s eyes captive for an extra moment before turning to survey the city skyline. “Can you handle it?”

  “Of course I can handle it.” Walsh made sure he didn’t sound defensive or, worse, eager. “I’ve just never taken the lead on an acquisition before.”

  “Neither had I until I did it the first time.” Martin challenged Walsh with his best alpha male look over his shoulder. “It’s like sex. Grab your dick and figure it out.”

  “I’ll be fine.” Walsh stood, not giving his father the chance to dismiss him. “I’ll have Claire send me any pertinent information we already have.”

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About Kennedy Ryan

 There were several signs that Kennedy Ryan would be a writer, but making up stories with a mop as her long-haired heroine while the other kids played kick ball may have been the most telling. After graduating with her journalism degree from UNC-Chapel Hill (GO, HEELS!), she found various means of gainful employment having absolutely nothing to do with said degree, but knew she would circle back to writing, in some form or fashion. Some day. After years of working and writing for non-profit organizations, she finally returned to her first love - telling stories. Her debut novel, When You Are Mine, the first of The Bennett's trilogy, releases through Grand Central's Forever Yours imprint in June 2014.

Kennedy writes contemporary romance and women's fiction. She always gives her characters their happily ever after, but loves to make them work for it! It's a long road to love, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

In an alternative universe and under her government name Tina Dula, she is wife to the love of her life, mom to to her son, and a friend to those living with autism through her foundation Myles-A-Part.

She will donate 25% of her royalties toward her foundation and to her national charitable partner, Talking About Curing Autism (TACA).

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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