Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase

Yesterday, I finished Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase. Now I have owned this book December of 2012. I figure I would wait to read this one when the final installment came out. When book 3 has finally come out and I figure now would be a good time to read this one.

First off, I'm going to strongly recommend reading the first book, Silk Is For Seduction, because part of the plot from the first book continues into the second book. Yes, you could probably get by without reading the first book, but there are a few characters that carry over from the first book. And they were kind of important in the first book. So, if you didn't read the first book some of this might be a spoiler for the first book. You have been warned.

When we last left off, Marcelline had just married the Duke of Clevedon. This upset Lady Warford and she has declare war on Noirot sisters. She's basically trying to get rid of the their business since her daughter decided not to married the Duke. So, the sisters are trying to figure out a way to stay in business as they are losing customers. If that wasn't their only problem their favorite client Lady Clara ends up in a compromising situation with a dastardly rogue who is on the brink of losing everything. Now they are trying to figure out a way to save their favorite client from a fate worse than death.

Scandal Wears Satin focuses on Sophy and Longmore (Lady Clara's brother) trying to figure out away to save Clara from her doom. I have to say the story was entertaining for the most part. However, there were a couple things that annoyed me, but they were pretty minor. One of them was whenever Sophy would talk to herself she had to keep reminding herself that she was Noirot and they have been through worse. That got old after while, but eventually Sophy stopped using that term. I actually love Sophy and Longmore's interaction, because they would fight like cats and dogs. So, you got to see the sexual tension build between these two characters. And when they finally got together it was explosive.

Overall, a pretty good read and Sophy and Longmore actually did work well together when they weren't arguing. I love how they fed off one another. I have to say that I did enjoyed the ending and I thought it was a nice touch. I'm curious to see what the youngest Noirot sister has up her sleeve.


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