Monday, June 30, 2014

Straddling the Line by Jaci Burton

So, I got a chance to read Jaci Burton's latest read Straddling the Line, which was all possible thanks to Penguin's program First to Read. Now Straddling the Line was one of the selection this pass month and I wasn't going to take a chance on missing a golden opportunity to read this bad boy. So, instead of taking my chance on might getting selected, I decided it was worth getting a guaranteed copy. Boy was that sucker worth it. Yes, Jaci write some pretty hot stuff and Straddling the Line is no exception. However, I wasn't expecting to fall in love with Trevor and Haven. Seriously, these two were amazing and I absolutely loved them. 

They both knew each other back in college and Haven had a crush on Trevor. Of course, she wouldn't admit it cause he was Mr. Hot Stuff back in the day. Now Haven is at a crossroads and doesn't know what to do with herself since her father had passed away. Yes, her mother is worry about her, so she enlisted Trevor's help to get Haven out of her funk. Since Trevor is so clever he decides to let Haven do a full exclusive on an assignment. He never thought he would want Haven more than a friend. So, they end up as bed buddies too. 

Anyway, I loved Straddling the Line, because of the storyline. I love how Trevor comes to Haven's rescue, but she also saves him. Yes, they have some hot steamy scenes, but they also have a great emotional connection. I love how Trevor's secret is something that effects a lot of people and his condition is relatable. I adore Haven, because she's floundering in grief which gives her character more depth. Yes, she's a reporter, but you get a sense that she's human too. I don't know how describe this book other than it was AWESOME! I absolutely loved the whole thing. Jaci had me hooked from first page to the last. I had a hard time putting this book down. I'm telling you it's absolutely amazing. I hope that you get a chance to read it. Not just for the hot steamy sex, but for the wonderful story of two people connecting and helping each other overcome their trials. 

Copy provided by Penguin via First to Read

5 Stars

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