Friday, June 13, 2014

Branded by Laura Wright

So, I just finished Branded by Laura Wright, which happens to be the first book in her new series The Cavanaugh Brothers. I have to say that I really enjoyed the beginning of the series.

Branded introduces us to the Cavanaugh brothers who are returning to the family ranch for the funeral of their father. Deacon, the oldest, would love nothing more than to see the property demolished. All he has to do is wait with his brothers, James and Cole, for the reading of the will. However, dear old dad had a surprise when he claims a bastard child in his will, Blue Perez (Cavanaugh). So, this sets the tone of the story. Secrets are starting uproot. Plus, you get to hear Cass's, their decease sisters, voice. Which there is a mystery behind her death that was never solve. So, that adds to the story and I hope we get to know what happens to Cass by the end of the series.

Anyway, Branded focus more on Deacon and his plan to level their childhood home to ground. However, there are couple obstacles in the way: 1) The will and what it revealed. 2) Mackenzie Bird.

Some people may not like Deacon, because he's power hungry and bent on vengeance. You never fully comprehend his reasoning for wanting to destroy everything he has ever known until we get closer to the end. However, I didn't mind Deac. He did soften up a bit in the story thanks to Mac.

Now Mac was an awesome character. She was best friend with Cass, and took her death pretty hard. However, she survived, and ended up being the foreman on the Triple C Ranch. I love her, because she's passionate about the ranch and she doesn't take any guff from the guys, especially Deacon.

I enjoyed their chemistry. They both give a good fight for what they believe in. Plus, you see Deac and Mac developing a love for one another, but there's one thing that stands in the way, the ranch.

Overall, a fantastic start to a new series. I seriously can't wait for the next book, because I want to see what happens to the other brothers, and if they find out how Cass died. So, if you are looking for a new series with a little mystery, you might want to checkout Branded by Laura Wright.

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  1. Great review!! I have heard some really fantastic things about this book, so I definitely need to pick it up soon.

    1. Renee,
      Thanks for stopping by. It's pretty good and I can't wait for more. I think I have to add this book to my collection.

  2. Ooooh, I love a little mystery or intrigue mixed in with my romance...and western romance on top of that?! Whoopee, is all I can say. This is definitely my cup of tea. Thanks for this post and hello, Laura!

    1. Thanks Janice for stopping by. I haven't read to many westerns, but this one I enjoyed. I really liked this one, because the mysterious death of their sister. I hope you get a chance to read.