Thursday, June 19, 2014

To Marry a Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands

So, I finished To Marry a Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands. I have to say it was an all right book. So, let's dive into my thoughts.

I love the beginning and how Joan meets Campbell Sinclair (Cam). It's not your typical meeting. Oh no, it was more like Cam coming to  rescue a lad. Yes, Cam thought Jo was boy for the first couple of chapters. I actually wonder when he would discover he was a she. Of course, he finds out and he tries to keep her secret. I have to say it's pretty amazing how many times people try to keep Joan's secret. Anyway; by the time she's outed the story mellows out. I felt To Marry a Scottish Laird started to drag. Once they reach the MacKay's land a secret is reveal, which ties her to the MacKay's. If you read An English Bride in Scotland you will see how the two stories tie together. Don't have to worry if you haven't read the first book, because you won't be lost. Actually To Marry a Scottish Laird jumps ahead 20 years from An English Bride in Scotland left off. See no worries. To Marry a Scottish Laird does pick up once Cam and Joan return Sinclair land and the drama unveils. Cam's mother has some good intentions, but they are just wrong. The problem lies with her good intentions which causes danger to a few of the young ladies.

As I said it was an all right book. I did like the beginning and the end, it was the middle I had a little trouble getting through. After reading a few Lynsay Sands historical romances and I have notice they tend to have a little flair for the dramatic towards the end. To Marry a Scottish Laird does have a little flair at the end. Overall, not bad and if you are looking for a Scottish romance, you can give To Marry a Scottish Laird a try. 

I thought this was the sweetest quote from Cam:
"I do no' care if ye can sing or dance or shoot a bow. Either ye'll learn those things over time, or ye will no'. It does no' matter to me. I do no' even care if ye learn to ride. Ye can ride with me if necessary. Those are no' the things I came to value about ye on our journey north. I value yer honesty, yer courage. and yer spirit. I like that yer smart, and that we could talk about anything under the sun and laugh together. That's what I want from ye." 
Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss


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