Friday, December 18, 2015

To Catch His Mate by Savannah Stuart (Review)

I received a chance to read To Catch His Mate by Savannah Stuart. First off, it's a novella and a pretty quick one with little drama. Basically, we have Reese O'Shea who is an alpha pack leader. You would hope pack leader is an alpha, anyway. He finds Alyssa Clare and she's pack princess of the Clare pack, and he wants to make her his mate. However, Alyssa gets the impression that it's a business arrangement than anything else. There you go the drama in the nutshell.

Basically, Reese needs to prove to Alyssa that it's more than a business agreement in order to get their happy ever after. Seriously, a quick read and it's kind of sweet. So, if you are looking for something that isn't too dramatic and quick, To Catch His Mate is your read.

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3 Stars

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