Sunday, December 20, 2015

Audiobook: Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Review)

Where to begin with Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I have to say that I loved this story. Heaven, Texas had me bustin' a gut, because of Bobby Tom Denton and Gracie Snow relationship. Dear lord have mercy on us for having men like Bobby Tom Denton. Bobby Tom is the epitome of a male chauvinist pig. At the start of the story we meet him surrounded by beautiful, busty, blond hair women in itty-bitty bikinis. He has no shame. Even though he's a male chauvinist pig everybody loves him, it's that damn charm of his. However, Gracie is a little smarter than that, kind of.

Now Gracie gets mistaken for a stripper when she first meets Bobby Tom, but she was hired to escort him to his hometown. Plus, she knows she's not Bobby Tom's type, after all she's not busty or blond. Gracie's more like a plain jane. However, she's a fun little character, because she has decided to breakout of her comfort shell. Bobby Tom definitely shows her the wild side.

Basically, Heaven, Texas is a wild ride. We have Bobby Tom and Gracie pretending to be engage during his time in Telarosa. Now Bobby Tom is use to getting his way in everything, but Gracie seem to put him in his place. Probably because she just doesn't see herself as Bobby Tom material. He has the hardest time trying to understand Gracie. However, they are just so darn cute together once she starts developing confidence.

I actually, loved the secondary love story going on between Wade Sawyer and Bobby Tom's mother, Susie Denton. At the beginning of the story Wade is painted as this bad guy of the town. He just lives it up and he's been in love with Susie forever he wanted a chance. However, he went about it the wrong way and it's a bit rocky. Susie is still dealing with the grief of lost of her husband, so she feels guilty about moving on. Wade is my favorite character, even though he seems evil and vindictive he's actually a decent guy who had a rough time growing up.

Seriously, I loved Heaven, Texas it was laugh out loud over the top good time. Yes, some of the story is unbelievable, but it takes place in the south. Somethings just seems over the top unbelievable, but it sometimes happens. Yes, Bobby Tom isn't a good guy, but he does have a moral code that might be a bit eschewed. I did like how Gracie was able to bring him down to earth and manage to tame his ego that seems to be the size of Texas. If you are looking for a good time, you give Heaven, Texas a try.

I did enjoy Annie Fields as a narrator. She did great job on all those southern accents. I did like how she did Gracie's voice. I think one favor voices were the bimbos voices, they were just funny. Good times all around.

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