Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Lady Below Stairs by Mia Marlowe

Yes, another novella. Today's selection is My Lady Below Stairs by Mia Marlowe. First off if you are a fan of Shakespeare's comedies you might enjoy this quick read. However, if you are not of fan of Mr. Shakespeare you might want to steer clear. I personally prefer his comedies over the tragedy, so I found this story enjoyable.

The main characters you need to keep tract of during the story are:

Jane Tate: Half-sister of Lady Sybil; bastard child of Lord Somerville; scullery maid
Ian Michael MacGarrett: Head groom; loves Jane
Lady Sybil Somerville: Daughter of Lord Somerville; has no desire to marry Viscount Eddleton; loves the artist
Viscount Eddleton: Ick; Weasel
Giovanni Brunello: artist; loves Sybil

So, if you can keep tract of these characters, you should be fine. Yes, it is a bit far-fetch. However, if you have seen A Midsummer Night's Dream or Much Ado About Nothing then the story isn't so far-fetch. If you are looking for a Shakespeare-like comedy, you might want to checkout My Lady Below Stairs.


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