Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Barefoot in the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire

All right, I just finished Barefoot in the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire. I really liked this story. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I could relate to the story; not my life, but my friends life. This would be the book to launch the this is the Barefoot series.

Barefoot in the Sand is where we meet Lacey, Jocelyn, Zoe, and Tessa. They have been best friends since college. They all come together after a hurricane tares through Barefoot Bay. Very devastating event leaving Lacey and her daughter homeless, but willing to make a dream come true. The friends pull together to help Lacey make these dreams a reality.

Clay Walker sees an opportunity to get the experience he needs to make his dream of being an architect come true. All he needs is a chance to prove himself. He might be able to get that chance with Lacey.

As I said I liked this book. I think a lot has to do with the story really reminded me of my friends life in so many ways. I think when you can relate to a story, it makes the story better. There's a lot of layers that go into this book, so a person may get overwhelm with all the information present. However, I think all the layers really make the story a little more real. Sometimes life isn't like a cookie cutter where every cookie is perfect. Even they we may want it to be, but that would be just boring.

I really like the different relationships that are in this story and they really make the story come to life. We have the relationship with Lacey and her friends, Lacey and Clay, Lacey with her daughter,  and Lacey with her ex-boyfriend. These relationships make the foundation of the story. Plus, in one way or another they intergrade with one another. Real life relationships tend to intergrade with one another and this is the reason I really liked this story.

The bottom line is: It's a pretty darn good book. Really worth the read to see how friends pull together when the going gets tough. I can't wait to read the other girls stories (except Jocelyn since I have already her story). If you are looking for some beach time and no where near a beach, you might want to checkout Barefoot in the Sand.


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